Henyon Consulting Group


Organizational Development

In sports, it’s possible to hit a ball and make it fly a good distance without any follow- through on the swing.  But the power of following through on the momentum of the action makes the difference between short-term success and a home run, ace, or hole in one!  In the organizational development phase, we act as the project manager to help the CEO and leadership team implement the recommendations born from the assessment process.

We begin a coaching process with the CEO to stay highly focused on the top priorities identified during the assessment.  The big goals:

  • Manage the company’s survival, growth, and perpetuation, and increase its financial success.

  • Coach/advise CEO to make great people decisions.  We follow up to ensure that what’s learned in training is actually installed back at the office.

  • Installing leadership/accountability for performance, and encourage balanced life at the leadership level.

  • We measure success according to carefully selected financial goals, but often it turns out that making money is not the most important outcome for our clients.  Positive change at work inevitably leads to positive changes in personal life, and it is not uncommon for our clients to make major breakthroughs in their personal relationships as a result of what they learn through our coaching and training.

  • Finally, Organizational Development helps distill a clear vision and action plan for what’s next, both business and personal.

The ongoing process involves our commitment together and installing the systems to grow the company