Henyon Consulting Group

        The Organizational Assessment.....

... is a process to discover all the critical issues within a company creating a complete picture of the business and a personnel risk assessment. Through this confidential process, that is both objective and personal, we meet with managers and key staff, collect data and analyze the critical issues to create a mutually agreed upon road map for success. This road map will take the business to the next level. Our strategy is simple: assess, train, and develop— start, learn, follow up.  But it is not cookie-cutter; we analyze what is right and wrong for you, and then proceed according to those needs. 

Once we, together, determine the specifics needs of the organization we move forward with installing training programs specific to strategic growth of your organization.

The RSTMM® Training Program is a unique journey to build your team - your team leadership, your Executive Management, and Balanced Life Leadership.