Henyon Consulting Group
How much does it cost your organization if you make a bad hiring decision?



What does Henyon Consulting do?

The bottom line: we work with clients to teach them how to make the best decisions for their company and avoid the cost of errors. Our clients want to fix problems in their company and build their business. To help them achieve this, we work closely with the company's leaders to reach their own goals, both business and personal. 

What is the RSTMM™ system?

The RSTMM™ process, which is trademarked and patented, covers the key principles to business success through people:

Recruit a pool of top candidates, adding both quality and quantity.

Select the right person for the right job.

Train them to do "the job" and raise production.

Manage them well, and

Motivate them to reach goals and increase profit.

Many companies simply do not have any organized systems in place to do these things. Or they may have some systems but aren't getting good results or don't know how to measure their progress (or lack thereof!).

Ask yourself, what if I targeted my time in recruiting with a method to get only the very best people? What if, instead of never having enough time to train new employees properly, I really made an effort to give the best training possible to every hire?

How do you assess someone's behavior? How do you define the behavioral requirements of the job? How do you determine job match?

We use a brief but comprehensive behavioral survey, developed and refined over more than half a century, to measure a person's behavioral tendencies. From this assessment, our analysts can determine a person's most likely behavioral response in different situations, decision-making approach, morale, adaptability, and fit for a particular role.