Henyon Consulting Group

Most CEOs and high-level executives had to wear many hats on their route to becoming the leaders that they are. But what often happens when they get to the top is that they take on more and more responsibility with less time to accomplish what needs to get done; and hiring and developing the right talent to do the right jobs can be a daunting task. Human capital becomes more important than ever before and the cost of a bad hire can be disastrous. Most CEOs were doers and now find themselves in the position of managing and building talent without the background to do so. 

Here are some key questions to ask yourself if you’re in this position…


1.     Can you personally recruit, select, train, manage, and motivate top talent?

2.     Can you predict whether someone will succeed in a particular role at your company?

3.     If you find the right person, do you know how to maximize her/his potential by putting them in the right role?

4.     Do you know how to lead while also growing personally and professionally?


Through an in-depth process of assessment, training, and development, we teach our clients how to achieve new levels of success by avoiding costly talent errors. We also help them become better leaders that lead better lives.